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Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019: All Halton District School Board schools and workplaces are closed. School bus transportation is cancelled.

Registration for Kindergarten 2020 - 2021

posted Dec 12, 2019, 7:57 AM by Wendy Kostecki   [ updated Dec 12, 2019, 8:21 AM ]

Kindergarten registration for the 2020-2021 school year is now open.  Please register your child by February 1, 2020.  If your child was born in 2016, they can start Kindergarten in September 2020

You can get registration forms at the school in January 2020, or you can download and print the forms listed below by clicking on the link or from the Halton District School Board website:

Please bring the completed forms and required documentation to the school in January 2020

You will need to bring the following documents:

  1. Proof of child’s age: birth certificate/passport/baptismal/faith record
  2. Proof of address (any two of the following documents): lease or deed, car registration, utility bill, residential telephone bill, moving bill, property tax bill, bank statement, credit card statement, correspondence with a government agency
  3. Proof of child’s citizenship: birth certificate or passport, Record of Landing (IMM 1000)or Permanent Resident Card
  4. Proof of custody: if you are not the parent and your child is under 18 you must provide proof of custody (court order)

Multi-Year Plan - A message from our Chair and the Director of Education

posted Nov 4, 2019, 11:40 AM by Wendy Kostecki   [ updated Nov 4, 2019, 11:54 AM ]

Dear Halton District School Board students, families, staff, and community members,

We are asking for your help in the creation of our next Multi-Year Plan!

The HDSB has a multi-year strategic plan (known as our Multi-Year Plan or MYP) that guides our collective actions and decision making as an organization to ensure we are always focused on providing a high standard of education for students. 

We are currently in the last year of our current MYP, and are starting the development of our next four-year plan which will take effect September 2020. This will include opportunities for face-to-face input at two large community sessions as well as online surveys designed specifically for students, staff, parents/guardians and community members. These consultations will take place during November and the data collected will be used in the development of the plan over the next three to four months. 

We are asking for your help in sharing your views on our current plan and identifying areas we should focus on in the new plan.

The online surveys will be available on the Board website from Nov. 4 - Dec. 2, 2019. 

Two Community Roundtable Discussions will take place in the North and South areas of Halton on: 

  • Monday, Nov. 18, 2019 from 7 - 9 p.m. at the Milton Staff Learning Centre
    (215 Ontario St S, Milton)

  • Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019 from 7 - 9 p.m. at Garth Webb Secondary School
    (2820 WestOak Trails Blvd, Oakville)

We look forward to your participation in helping to shape the next four years in the Halton District School Board!


Andréa Grebenc                      Stuart Miller

Chair of the Board                  Director of Education  

Halton District School Board   Halton District School Board 

UPDATE: Estimated Time of Arrival from Camp Muskoka

posted Sep 25, 2019, 9:58 AM by Wendy Kostecki   [ updated Sep 25, 2019, 10:38 AM ]

We have received word that the buses are making good time and should arrive at the school at approximately 3:00 p.m.

Students Arrived at Camp Muskoka

posted Sep 23, 2019, 1:22 PM by Wendy Kostecki   [ updated Sep 23, 2019, 1:23 PM ]

Due to connectivity issues from Bracebridge we were unable to confirm information until now.  All students arrived safe and sound just before noon.  They are full on into their programs and having fun!  We will post additional information / photos to our school website as we receive them.

Kindergarten Drop-in: Thursday, August 29

posted Aug 21, 2019, 11:55 AM by Wendy Kostecki

The date for the Kindergarten Drop-in is Thursday, August 29, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  

At this time you will have an opportunity to meet your child's teachers, see the classroom, drop off an extra full set of clothes, indoor shoes and box of Kleenex.

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday, August 29, 2019.

Kindergarten Team

2019 - 2020 Back to School Information

posted Aug 21, 2019, 7:27 AM by Wendy Kostecki   [ updated Aug 21, 2019, 7:30 AM ]

Principal’s Message


Welcome to the start of another great year at Frontenac.  We are excited to have our students enjoy a newly renovated space this year.

 School Hours: 9:25 a.m.—3:45 p.m.

 Supervision of students will begin at 9:00 a.m. to allow time for families to adjust to the change of our start time (for September 2020, supervision will start at 9:10 a.m.).  Supervision ends at 4:00 p.m. at the end of the day.

Class Lists

This year you will be receiving an email at some point after 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 30th to inform you of your child’s class placement.  Class lists will no longer be posted on the front doors.  This has been a change that has been implemented by the Board.

Busing Information

Parents can go online at to check on bus schedules for students.  The phone number for the transportation department is 1.888.803.8660.

First Day

All students should meet in the back of the school on the blacktop starting at 9:10 a.m. where teachers will be lined up against the wall in grade order.  Students who travel by bus on the first day will be greeted at the bus and directed to the blacktop by Frontenac staff.  Kindergarten students will go to the kindergarten fenced-in play area.  Grade 1—8 students should find their teacher, stay with him/her and be ready to enter the school with the teacher when the bell rings at 9:15 a.m.  There will be lots of staff members outside to help your child find his/her class.  Parents will say goodbye to all students outside of the school.

Parking Lot

The parking lot will be closed as it was at the end of the last school year.  The closure of the parking led to a significant improvement in student safety which is why it will remain closed for the time being.  If you are dropping your child off near the school please ensure that they exit the vehicle on the curb side and that they cross the street at appropriate crossing points and where there is a crossing guard.

School Supplies

Most school related supplies are provided by the school, but there are some items that students should have.   A pair of “indoor shoes” that will stay at school are necessary.  Running shoes are preferred, and they should be labeled with your child’s name.  An extra set of clothing is always a good idea.  Just pop a shirt, pants, underwear & socks in a large Ziploc bag, label it, and it can stay in your child’s locker until needed.  Students should have a backpack, lunch bag and reusable water bottle.  A pencil case with pencils, pens, erasers, markers, and pencil crayons is a good idea for students in grades 1-8.  A binder with dividers is useful for students in grades 4-8.  Any other specific items that students need will be communicated to parents through correspondence from the teachers.

School Reorganization

Please be aware that since decisions were made regarding 2019-2020 classes, our total school enrolment has changed which may necessitate a reorganization of some of our JK-8 classes after the start of school.  The purpose of the reorganization would be to ensure our Board is compliant with the requirements for class sizes as outlined by the Ministry of Education.  Ultimately our goal is to improve the quality of the learning experience for our students by ensuring smaller class sizes.  If reorganization does occur, it may impact staffing and therefore individual students may need to move classes.  We will continue to accurately assess our enrolments and class sizes once school begins and will keep you updated if changes need to occur.

Start Up Packages

On their first day, students will be receiving a “school start up package” to take home.  We would appreciate you reviewing the package and returning the forms no later than Friday, September 6, 2019.  These forms will help us ensure all student information is accurate and up to date.

If you require additional information, please don’t hesitate to visit the Frontenac website at or contact us at the school.

Lunch Sign Out

Only students in Grades 7 & 8 are allowed to sign out during first nutrition break, and only after parents have given written permission using the form in the start up package.  For now, Grade 7’s will go out on Tuesdays and Grade 8’s can go out for lunch on Fridays.  There will be no lunch sign out privileges for any students until the week of September 16, 2019.

New Student Registration

If you have a student who will be new to Frontenac in September 2019, please drop by the school office to register ASAP.  Please pass the message on to any newcomers in your neighbourhood.

You will need to bring certification of your child’s date of birth (e.g. birth certificate or passport) and proof of address (must be a recent property tax bill or purchase agreement if you own or a lease agreement if you rent).  Registration cannot be completed until all of these items have been presented to the school.

As registration determines staffing for September, it is important that we know how many students we can anticipate.  Please register ASAP!

Hours for Registration:

August 19—30: 8:45 a.m.—3:30 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 3rd!

~ M. Bukovcan & T. Ferro ~

Change in Bell Times: Information for 2019/2020

posted Jun 3, 2019, 9:52 AM by Sean Nevans

The following information is provided in order to further clarify the information shared last week regarding changes to our schedule for the 2019-2020 school year. As was communicated our times will be as follows:

Entry Bell:   9:25 a.m.

Dismissal Bell: 3:45 p.m.

This adjustment to our school hours is a result of the Halton Student Transportation Services (HSTS) efficiency review.  Bus routes for numerous schools in Halton have changed (see attached report). These route efficiencies will result in significant cost savings in school bus transportation for the Halton District School Board and the Halton Catholic District School Board (approx. $865,960.00).

The changes are as a result of route efficiency reviews conducted by the Halton Student Transportation Service, as part of the Board’s budget discussions. This was not something that the school requested but is part of a larger process to find savings to address reduced funding by the province for the 2019-2020 school year. The changes to the bell times of the schools involved results in significant savings for our board (approx $500,000 annually). To not accept these changes would mean that our board would have to try and find these savings elsewhere (e.g., classroom instruction, special education, etc.).

While our entry time has moved back to 9:25 a.m. our dismissal time will remain the same. This has been accomplished by reducing our first nutrition break/recess from 50 minutes to 40 minutes. Therefore, both of our breaks will now be a total of 40 minutes in length. Please note that the majority of HDSB schools have long since moved to a 40/40 model. Frontenac is one of a dwindling number of schools that still has a 50/40 model.

Prior to the ‘balanced day’ model being introduced many years ago, all elementary schools followed a traditional model offering two 15 minute breaks and one 60 minute lunch break. The balanced day model ensures that all teachers had the ability to have a 40 minute uninterrupted period of time for lunch, as well as reduced the lost instructional time that students experienced when preparing to go out for recess and returning back inside.

All HDSB elementary schools utilize the balanced day model. This provides for three 100 minute blocks of instructional time that are interrupted by two blocks of nutrition/recess breaks.The initial move to the 'balanced day' model (vs the traditional one of a 60 min lunch and two 15 min breaks) had all schools offering a 40 min break and a 50 min break. Schools are required to follow the Bell Times Admin Procedure when bringing these requests forward. School Principals have initiated these requests based on some or all of the rationale below:

  • Reduces the supervision requirements for staff, which also lessens the need for student supervisors. There is a hard cap on the supervision minutes that elementary teachers can provide which can create challenges for some schools to meet their supervision requirements.

  • Shortens the length of the school day, which provides for more time to facilitate after school activities, professional development with staff, attend meetings, etc.

  • May allow for more support to be directed to students with special needs due to less general supervision required.

  • Reduces student behavioural concerns outside by reducing outdoor activity time. Student conflicts often occur towards the end of a longer period of unstructured time.

  • Increases overall safety of building as more teachers are available to supervise both on the playground and in the ‘lunchrooms’.

In summary, hope this information helps explain why we are experiencing the change to our school bell times. The change was not a request from the school but one that has originated as a part of a broad ongoing study of each and every department across our board, in order to determine how we can find as many efficiencies as possible in order to address budget shortfalls for the coming school year.


M. Bukovcan


Kindergarten Registration

posted Dec 21, 2018, 11:03 AM by Wendy Kostecki   [ updated Feb 6, 2019, 4:47 AM ]

Please note that Kindergarten registration will start up the second week of January during the hours of 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  Please click on the HDSB News Release below for details.

Happy Holidays

posted Dec 21, 2018, 10:28 AM by Wendy Kostecki   [ updated Dec 21, 2018, 10:30 AM ]

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!
See you when school resumes January 7, 2019

Options for Reporting Student Absence

posted Dec 4, 2018, 1:23 PM by Wendy Kostecki

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