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Registration Requirements

When registering your child for school in the Halton District School Board, print and fill out the Student Registration Form​. Also, please read through the information below which will help guide you through the process.

Please ensure you have documents to satisfy all 5 categories below when you arrive to register.

Registering ​​your child f​​or Kindergarten

​​See also Kindergarten Page for more information

Junior (Year 1) Kindergart​​en

If your child will be 4  by December 31 of this calendar year, they can be registered for Junior (Year 1) Kindergarten at their home school.

Senior (Year 2) Kindergarten

If your child will be 5 by December 31 of this calendar ye​ar, they can be registered for Senior (Year 2)​ Kindergarten at their home school.​​​​

If your child is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, please contact the Immigration and the Visa Co​ordinator at the Welcome Centre  at 905-335-3663  ext. 3435.

Mandatory informa​​​tion to bring when registering your child for school

  • Proof of child’s age: birth certificate or passport or baptismal/faith record for your child.
  • If the Child is a Canadian Citizen born in Canada, please bring the birth certificate or statement of live birth. In the event that you do not have the child’s birth certificate, a valid passport will be accepted.
  • Proof of address (any two of the following documents): lease or deed, car registration, utility bill, residential telephone bill, moving bill, bank statement, credit card statement, correspondence with a government agency. Driver's licence is not accepted.
  • If you own the property: current year property tax bill, purchase agreement plus one of the above pieces.
  • Proof of child’s citizenship: birth certificate or passport, Record of Landing (IMM 1000)or Permanent Resident Card
  • Proof of custody: if you are not the parent and your child is under 18 you must provide proof of custody (court order)

Also​​​​ remember to:

  • Call ahead to make an appointment with school office staff
  • Bring copies of your child’s current school records (if available)
  • Bring samples of your child’s work
  • Bring any school reports (assists in school placements )
  • Advise your current school of your relocation (if applicable)

What is my child​’s ​​​home​​ school?

To see if you are living within the Frontenac Public School boundary or catchment area please visit: “Find My Local School”

Additional Res​​ources

Immunization schedule​​ in Ontario​

Verify your child’s immunization card​


Student personal information is collected during registration and while attending school, pursuant to the Education Act. This i​​nformation will be used for planning and programming, school to home communications, and to establish the Ontario Student Record, which contains information conducive to the improvement of instruction.

*** If your child is not a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, you will need to contact the immigration and Visa Coordinator at the J.W. Singleton Education Centre at 905-335-3663
Ext. #3435. ***