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School News

  • Fuel for Kids

    Hello to All our FRONTENAC Families

    We have a MAJOR EVENT coming to our school and home community this October!

    FUEL FOR KIDS is a very exciting NASCAR event that is coming to FRONTENAC and will be a BIG fundraiser for our school!!!!

    The Date for this event is Wednesday October 12, 2016

    Please reserve this date and get ready to attend our family portion of the event from 4:00-7:00pm.


    The kids will have a private event with Mr. Dave Connelly at the school from 2:30-3:30.

    Including a little stunt show from Dave himself on the back black top!


    Then the event moves to our Fortinos from 4:00-7:00pm

    It will be a full BBQ and we will have all kinds of raffles, 50/50, face painting, and more!

    All of the proceeds from the BBQ and the theme baskets going 
    directly back to our school.

    Money raised will be put towards technology upgrades for our school and the 50th reunion celebration. 

    Please pass on the news to all and talk about it with your kids!

    A major part of this fundraiser is our Classroom baskets (back by popular demand!)

    You will be getting a flyer home by the end of this week explaining how you play a huge role in the success of these baskets!


    If you are not aware of what 'classroom baskets' are.  We will guide you!

    Each classroom is given a theme!

    All students are asked and encouraged to donate something within that theme

    All items returned are made into a big basket of goodies

    We raffle those baskets off with a special "made by" label highlighting your child's classroom!


    We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to participate and help out as well!

    If you would like to volunteer you can email us at frochair@hdsb.ca  

    or attend the parent council meeting on Monday October 3, 2016 at 6:30pm for more information.


    ONLY 6 schools get chosen every year for this event!!!!  GO FRONTENAC GO!!!!

    We are here for you, your school and our kids!
    Thank you for all your support as always!

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the BBQ - please plan to support and come for as long as you can!

    Sandra Leach and Kim Becke                     
    Frontenac Parent Council Co-chairs

    Posted Sep 26, 2016, 8:20 PM by Shelita Walker
  • School Council Pizza Days are back!

    School Council Pizza Days are back!

    Take a break from making lunch AND help us reach our fundraising goal of $5000. WEDNESDAYS will be pizza day!

    All funds raised will be used to support technology in the school.

    Our first Pizza Day is Wednesday, October 5th, 2nd nutrition break – 1:25 pm.


    Kindergarten TO GRADE 2:

    -Square slices

    -Mini Treat

    There will be 2 choices (Pepperoni Pizza or Cheese Pizza)

    Pizza Nova meets all nutritional health standards which are required by the

    Ontario Ministry of Education.

    *Payment for Pizza Days can be made through Cashless Schools until September 30. You do not need to hand in a pizza form if you pay through Cashless. If you prefer to pay by cash or cheque, please print a copy of the order form or pick one up in the office. The pizza days are October 5, November 2 and December 7.*

    If you have any questions, please contact Frontenac School Council at frochair@hdsb.ca

    Thank you for your support.

    Frontenac School Council

    Posted Sep 26, 2016, 8:18 PM by Shelita Walker
  • Principal's Message

    September News!

    Greetings Frontenac Families!

    Fall has finally arrived and with it come cooler temperatures.  Just a reminder, especially for our little ones, to dress in layers, so that they are comfortable and able to sustain the long periods outside.  

    This week is a filled with activities for the kids.  Here’s what’s happening at the FRO!!

    Coming Up This Week:

    1. Terry Fox Run - On Thursday, September 29 at 3p.m. all students will participate by walking, running or rolling to support Terry’s dream to see an end to cancer!  Please dress your child in red and support them through the online fundraising.  Students also have the option to bring a donation of $2.00 (“Twoonies for Terry”) on the day of the run.  If you are interested in joining us, please connect with your child’s teacher.

    1. Let’s Play Catch! - Blue Jays fever has hit Frontenac!  Last year, we set aside one of our nutrition breaks to play catch with our students.  This year, with the generous donation of tennis balls by the Ace Tennis program, we are ready to bring back a successful day of connecting with your children.  Believe it or not, the ability to catch and receive is part of the physical education curriculum.  So on Friday, September 30 please have your child wear blue or Blue Jay gear!

    News From School Council:

    Our QSP fundraising campaigning that has been a great success for our school community in past years.  Once again, we will be hosting a kick-off assembly Friday afternoon.  Please look out for information coming home.   We appreciate your ongoing support as all fundraising goes back to providing meaningful opportunities for your child(ren) in both learning, achievement and experiences.

    Have a great week, Frontenac ~ Together, Learning and Caring!

    Ms. Shelita Walker
    Principal, Frontenac PS
    b: 905-632-1690
    twitter: @FRO_Bison
    Posted Sep 26, 2016, 7:01 PM by Shelita Walker
  • Concussion Protocol

    Concussion Protocol

    The HDSB has updated its Concussion Protocol, as per Ministry of Education expectations. Recent research has made it clear that a concussion can have a significant impact on a student's cognitive and physical abilities. In fact, research shows that activities that require concentration can actually cause a student's concussion symptoms to reappear or worsen. It is equally important to help students as they “return to learn” in the classroom as it is to help them “return to physical activity”.

    HDSB and its parents are key partners in the health and safety of our students and as such there are key components that parents will need to be made aware of in the case of a suspected or diagnosed concussion.

    Students who demonstrate signs or symptoms of a concussion while at school will be required to seek medical examination through a medical doctor or nurse practitioner. Contact will be made with parents and the proper forms will be sent home with the student.

    Students who receive a bump to the head, neck or body, will not always show signs or symptoms immediately.  In the best interest of the student’s health, the student will be required to be monitored for a minimum of 24 hours, both at school and at home.  Students will not be able to participate in any physical activity until the minimum 24 hours has passed, no sign or symptoms were observed, and Form C-3 has been signed and returned to the school. If at any time during this monitoring phase signs or symptoms present, students must be seen by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner.

    Concussions that occur outside of school:

    It is important to note that students who have a suspected or diagnosed concussion that occurs outside of school hours or school sanctioned events are still required to follow the HDSB Concussion Protocol process. We request that parents inform the school administration as soon as possible regarding these events.

    Please go to our website for further information and required forms:http://www.hdsb.ca/ParentInfo/Pages/Health%20and%20Nutrition%20in%20Schools/Protocol.aspx
    Posted Jun 6, 2016, 7:06 AM by Sean Nevans
  • Kindergarten Open House
    Do you have or know of someone whose child is ready to start junior kindergarten in 2016?  Please click the below link for for an invitation to our board's kindergarten open house.

    Posted Apr 28, 2016, 7:29 AM by Sean Nevans
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